An uncomprehensive, potentially semi-regularly updated review of Paris vegan restaurants, cafes and bakeries

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A soft focus picture of a blackboard menu (with snails and beef bourguignon on) and tables outside a restaurant in Paris

This post originally started out with an introductory paragraph laying out all the tropes about the French liking cheese and meat. But there’s plenty of vegan blogs you can go and read someone’s attempt to wax lyrical about the City of Lights, so here’s a straight up list of vegan places in Paris.

There are so many options, you could spend days eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner without having to visit the same place twice. But some are so good, you undoubtedly will.

And I’ve done the hard work of eating out all those meals for you, dear reader. You’re welcome.


Last visited October 2018

The stand-out hit of the trip. An unassuming all-vegan cafe near Gare du Nord, serving up everything from croissants to baguettes filled with potatoes, cream cheese and ham, as well as cakes and burgers. Perfect to grab a morning pastry as you jump off the Eurostar.

Tien Hiang

Last visited October 2018

(Almost) all vegan Chinese restaurant in the less well known of Paris’ Chinatowns. With fake meat galore, this is the hipster version of Loving Hut and it lives up to all the reviews. You may have to wait a while for a table on busy evenings, but it’s well worth it. There’s one dish on the menu that’s not vegan — the Tien Hiang marmite contains cheese, which was enough to convince me to get the “chicken” marmite; after all, if the dish was worth adding cheese to, its siblings must be pretty good. And it was incredible; as were the fried chicken pieces I had to start.

Le Potager du Marais

Last visited August 2018

The most upmarket of the restaurants on the list, this is the place to go for traditional French dishes that have been lovingly veganised. Slightly on the pricey side, it’s situated in the beautiful Marais neighbourhood and is perfect to then head out for the rest of your evening. Overall the food won’t blow you away, but where else can you get vegan boeuf bourguignon followed by crème caramel? Booking is highly recommended.

Vegan Folie’s

Last visited October 2018

A disappointment, probably down to too high expectations. I’d gone expecting a vegan version of a full Parisien patisserie, and found something more akin to a small cake shop. Having said that, the vegan cheesecake was great, although the “chicken” baguette was pretty standard.

Hank Burger

Last visited October 2018

Originally the name of this place (and its sibling joint Hank Pizza) put me off — I assumed it was an American-style diner. I was so wrong. A small cafe-restaurant with a simple burger and various different toppings, plus wedges to go on the side, this hits the spot for anyone craving vegan burgers in Paris.

Crêpe de la Joie

Last visited October 2018

Another case of over promised, under delivered. All vegetarian crepes, with vegan options available. The savoury ones are buckwheat galettes and overall are fine, but nothing special. If you’re looking for a great vegan galette, you’d be better off at Senzala in Brixton Village.

Hot Vog

Last visited October 2018

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Solid vegan hotdogs, with a few different topping options. Great for a snack while enjoying the Jardin du Luxembourg.


Last visited October 2018

I went here as part of an organised group dinner and they served a really great vegan and pescatarian meal to guests. I can’t vouch for their normal menu, but their approach of organic, unprocessed ingredients suggests they’d be more welcoming of a vegan diner than your average Paris restaurant. Nice if you want a slightly smarter dinner.