Tristan Thomas

I’ve just finished up my time as VP Marketing at Monzo, where I led marketing, comms, public policy and financial inclusion. I'm now working with a small number of companies on a range of projects, from high-level advisory work to being more involved as CMO.

I spent five years building a world-class team from me to 25 people, ran the largest and fastest fintech equity crowdfunding campaigns in history, grew our customer base from zero to five million people through community word-of-mouth growth, industry leading performance marketing, and a successful TV campaign, and helped to change the banking industry’s approach to financial inclusion and gambling.

I’m a trustee for two amazing charities, Citizenship Payment Plan and Beam, and run Winepost as a side-project. I’ve also recently started doing some angel investing in partnership with Accel.

I'm on Twitter, LinkedIn and email and I very occassionally write blog posts here.


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Tristan Thomas

I have limited availability for consultancy work in early 2021. That could be:

Advisory work

A small number of days per month to guide a leader, help on strategy, challenge direction or similar.

CMO for hire

A fixed-time project to build out a marketing, press, or community strategy, hire your first marketing leader or team, lead a piece of work or similar.

Something else

Surprise me!

I’m the VP of Marketing at Monzo, trying to fix the broken banking system. Before that, I worked with St. Andrews Refugee Services in Cairo, Egypt, trying to fix an even more broken system. On the side I run Winepost.

I'm on Twitter, LinkedIn and email and I very occassionally write blog posts here.